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We ain't afraid'a no bees!

We ain't afraid'a no bees!

Bad year for wasps. Everyone is saying so.

We have had a very persistent hive in the garden. With guests and their pets and kids, coming and going,  we had to get right on it and stay on it. We tried hanging various tasty meaty treats over a bucket of water. At our cottage in the Kootenays, a dead fish over a bucket of water will occasion death-by-greed for most wasps. They clamber all over it, remove a piece of fish so big they can’t fly with it, and then they fall into the bucket of water below. A drop of dish soap in the water makes it less likely they will escape.

This method had no effect on the Sunshine Coast. Maybe our offerings of bacon and other meat products simply didn’t have the draw that a rotting fish does?  In any event, time constraints required us to revert to the tried and true of commercially available toxins.

Here are my intrepid bee busters, prepared for a night time sally.

They hit the area of the nest – nestled in or under a decaying timber and heavily obscured by St. John’s Wort – at least three times that night.

The next day, the Wort was largely exfoliated, but a few bees continued to zip around. Guests arriving for a week reported no wasp sightings, but when we returned to do some maintanance last weekend, they were starting to regroup. Another can of poison was purchased and used. Hopefully, we got them, but no guarantee.  If you have some fool-proof, fast-acting and more organic suggestions on how to deal with a wasp nest, please share.

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