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I knew I was approaching middle-age when I started getting excited about new appliances. So what does it mean when I’m thrilled by a garden tool?  Don’t answer please…rhetorical (and uncomfortable) question.

Spoiler Alert:  Family members look away now as you are likely getting one of these for your next birthday, Mother’s Day or other gift-giving occasion.

Telesco Weeder in action

I hunted this down at Garden Works. It is, to be honest, a bit over-priced (35$) when one considers the simplicity of the design and materials.  But the fact is, it works really well. My son used it to gently remove moss from the roof, and it did a good job there too.

Removing moss from the roof

This tool is light, maneuverable and effective.  I wish I could afford to have one at home and another at the cottage. My frugal side is toying with the idea of trying to make one with some of my plentiful bamboo, a bent tuna tin and some duct tape. I don’t really think it would work like this, however. 

Sitting or standing - works like a charm

If you do invest in this item, you can feel very good about the fact that it is Made in Canada – in fact, I think it is manufactured in Powell River, B.C. – another lovely town on the Sunshine Coast!  They also make a hand tool version, the Garden Bandit.

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