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Sweet Olive in full bloom

I’m getting lots of visits these days from people searching for information about Osmanthus Delavayi or Delavay Tea Olive. It happened last year at this time too. I imagine people coming across this shrub for the first time –much as I did two years ago – getting a snootful of that breathtaking scent, and resolving to find out more about this shrub! All I have to add is this new photo of my sweet olive in all its beauty. And my opinion: If you have a spot for one, you will love it.

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Delavay Olive in full fragrant bloom

While I appreciate your help, House Bloggers, I had to go to the experts. I signed up at GardenWeb and went straight to the Name That Plant forum to post my query. Went to bed, dreamt sweet dreams, and this morning I have my answer: My unknown tree is actually a shrub called Osmanthus Delavayi or Delavay Tea Olive or, by its common name, Sweet Olive. Apparently, I am in for a treat this Friday, when the day is meant to be fine and I should find my shrub in full bloom and exuding a sweet ‘Daphne-like aroma.”

Great Plant Picks says this is a fragrant, blooming evergreen shrub that adds interest to the garden year round. It is easy to grow in full sun or part shade, drought tolerant once established, adapts to a wide range of soil types, and can be easily maintained through summer pruning.

I’m very relieved to know that it is “quite amenable to trimming” as one nursery site noted, since I intend to give it a jolly good haircut after it has done blooming. While I didn’t find too much information about the root structure, I am prepared to adopt Cottager’s position that so long as the septic is working, we shouldn’t worry about it. Besides, what are the options? Cut down my Delavay Tea Olive? Not on your life!

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