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We can’t have friends to stay and we dont know when that will change. But I dream of having guests: People to cook for and with, friends whose presence justifies that extra drink that now just makes me feel guilty, and someone new with whom to play board games and cards.

This desire, along with a decision not to rent our place this year to vacationers, was ample motivation to spend a few days improving our guest room.

2019 guest room. Someone had to sleep against the wall.

This room – every room in fact – was freshly painted with a matte white when we bought the place in late 2007. So repainting was not an early priority. It has; however, become increasingly desirable over the last few years. And no excuse not to do it right now.

Benjamin Moore has a new, extra durable paint called Scuffex. It’s not outrageously expensive either. I chose a pearl finish as the room is a bit dark and would benefit from a reflective lift. As for colour, as usual I went with my gut, quickly singling out a pale grey white called White Wisp. It isn’t a warm colour, which is what one craves just now, but the cottage is principally a summer spot, so I had to put myself in summer thinking mode.

The paint went on beautifully, and floor, ceiling, 5 panel door and window trim were all given 2 coats of gloss in BM Cloud White.

We replaced a cheap ikea ceiling fixture with a lovely nickel fixture that we wrote out of our sales contract when we sold up in Port Moody. I was so glad to find a perfect place for it. We also replaced the non- functioning dimmer switch.

We reoriented the bed so there is (some) room on both sides, then edited and rehung wall decor. We also painted up some found “free” shelves with trim paint and installed them at about 2 metres from the floor, to add a splash of interest and some high storage to an otherwise bare-by-necessity wall.

A shippy light fixture and some free, high shelves are favourite touches.

I washed the duvet and mattress pad, replaced all the pillows and polished the floor.

As usual, there are a few things holding me back from declaring the job fully complete. We are hoping to refinish an old piece of furniture to double as desk and dresser for this tiny room. And the baseboard heater needs to be replaced.

But in general, I am happy everytime I walk by the room and can’t wait to welcome our first guests of 2021. Whenever that becomes possible.

Meanwhile, we use this as Break Out space for our individual activities: puzzles and crafts for me, and music and gaming sessions via Zoom for my partner.

A more inviting space, just waiting for friends.

There was about a litre of the grey white paint left, so after a few days rest, I washed, taped and painted the small hallway outside the guest room.

I followed on with the trim and other doors off this hallway. Now I can’t stop. My room next, then the livingroom and eventually, a complete redo of the bathroom.

The hallway before it got a fresh coat of paint.
In progress. Lighting is not optimal, but this photo shows the soft grey shade of BM White Wisp as I started to paint the hallway.

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p1120016l.jpgmaking-panels.jpgfinished-panels.jpgshelves-opt.jpgshelfandceiling.jpgceiling.jpgFinished - for now

Is any project ever really 100% finished? Not in my little world. Still, I’m going to call this one done.

If you are just tuning in, the goal was to re-purpose a closet in a tiny bedroom to accomodate a queen bed without looking like a bed-in-a closet. So I’ve included an early photo with closet doors and organizers removed.

Phase two was to paint the alcove a soothing green.

Phase three is the custom shelving. If your closet is symetrical and your walls are plumb, this is pretty simple. This was not the case, so some (hours of) tinkering was required.  We also cut a notch in the back corner of some of the shelves to allow for the passage of electrical cords. I still hope to get one more coat of paint on the shelves, but they work. 

For the alcove ceiling, Cottager built a frame out of 1×2 lumber to fit the space, with a two inch divider in the centre and 6 inches extra length. I bought two Artscape faux-stained glass window decals, each measuring 24 x 36, and some 16 mm clear vinyl. After painting the necessary parts of the frame, we affixed the window art to two pieces of vinyl for stability, then carefully stretched and stapled the vinyl across the back side of the frame and trimmed away the excess. Then we strung some led lights up in the top of the closet, and popped the frame up to rest on top of the shelves. 

Bottom line – It looks pretty good. I had originally bought clematis-themed window art, but one of the packages I bought had been opened, used and then unscrupulously returned to the store, where I bought it. This proved to be a lucky turn of events, since I was able to look at the product off its backing, and determine that it would do the job, but the pattern was too busy. So back I went to the Depot, where I exchanged them for . . . wait for it. . . a bamboo pattern!    

The pictures don’t really do it justice, but, lying in bed, it is quite pleasant to look up at. Much nicer than the stuccoed ceiling of the closet anyway. The LED lights are just ok – they don’t show in the photos owing to flash – and we are thinking of buying a couple of low-voltage puck-type lights to install on top of the shelves so we can really illuminate the ceiling, when desired. Eventually, there will be a window in the wall above the headboard, but below the false ceiling. But that is a another project.

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