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I know. It’s been a while. The summer was so fine that I did not have the head or the heart to spend time with a computer if it wasn’t necessary. And truth be told there wasn’t much to tell. The cottage has been rented pretty steadily since the end of May.

We had one week there in August and the weather was perfect. Our boys came for two days and we spoiled them a bit, including taking them out for a sunset kayak trip.

Many of our guests over the years have done this and raved about it so it seemed only right that we check it out. There is a rental spot right in Gibsons harbour. I could tell you how wonderful it was, but I’ll let these photos tell the tale…





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Summer isn’t over yet. If you want to squeeze every last moment out of the season, plan what Bridget Jones would call a ‘mini-break.’ 

The Cottager and I were on the road for the Tsawwassen ferry terminal at 5:30 Sunday morning. We parked just before the causeway and rode our bikes in the early morning sun to catch the first ferry to Vancouver Island, followed by a quick connection to Fulford Harbour on Saltspring Island. It was a gorgeous day. 

We rode to Ruckle Provincial park, then into Ganges where we found a cold beer.  After a bit of shopping, a quiet spot on the harbour was an attractive place to relax and read for a while.  Mexican food, followed by gelato, and then a charming concert at the Tree House Cafe featuring local musicians playing their favourite Neil Young songs rounded out the evening. 

We rode out to the Long Harbour ferry terminal in the twilight and had a magical crossing in the dark back across the Straight, finally arriving home just before midnight.

Three ferries, 45 km on our bikes, 1 yummy margarita and a very pleasant memory.  As the fortune cookie saying I keep in my wallet advises . . .”Now go to it. It is ready to be pick!”

An early start for a full day's adventure.

A nice meal out is the reward for pedalling up all those hills.

A happy chance brought us to the Tree House Cafe for an evening of Neil Young tunes

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I promised myself more adventures – and I do plan to deliver – but the truth is that Cottager is the adventurous one, having climbed mountains in far away lands, canoed into the Arctic circle and (recently) ridden the Chemin de St. Jacques in France. Here are his pictures of a recent snow camping trip which he undertook with our littlest urchin (Lu) and about twenty other lovely people whom he really didn’t know at all. 

The setting is Seymour Mountain and the group is the Ecospirit Adventure Club Meet-Up group, which anyone wishing to experience a variety of outdoor adventures – and pub nights – can sign on with.  The goal was to build a few big snow caves and sleep in them. Cottager – having spent quite a few nights in snow caves over the years – took a tent, and it was a good thing, since it takes a lot of time to dig out snow caves to accomodate such a large number of people.

Making 3 snow caves to sleep 20 people

The group began by digging a trench to a depth above their heads, and then they started burrowing into the exposed bank and removing snow. Another group nearby was excavating a giant cave in order to host a Snow Cave Cabaret – a sort of rave party – note the Zebra! – to which the Ecospirit group was invited. 

Inside - At the Snow Cave Cabaret

Advantages of a Snow Cave Cottage:  It’s free, and a bit of a lark.

Disadvantages:  Cold, wet, highly seasonal, claustrophobic, potentially perilous….etc. 

Fergus the dog was not enamoured of the conditions

And where was I while all these snowy revels were taking place?  Sometimes I was in the tub, sometimes reading in bed, sometimes sipping a glass of red.  But at all times, I was warm and dry at home:  My adventurous spirit is carefully timed to coincide with the arrival of spring.

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