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For me, September marks the New Year. I no longer have the fun (maybe only in retrospect) of back-to-school shopping for clothes and sheaves of ruled paper for my sons, but still, I never feel more motivated to make meaningful changes than I do in September. This year I have the opportunity to seize on a deep and recurrent desire to really de-clutter my home. And I am on a roll.

I have discovered that taking pictures of stuff I am getting rid of is an excellent reinforcing tool. I initially just took a few pictures with the vague idea of a blog post, but I now plan to continue with both the de-cluttering and the photos.

I encourage everyone to try this: When you need a little motivation to continue with what is, lets face it, a tough chore, you can look back at your folder of pictures of things leaving your living space. You will be astonished and proud of what you have accomplished: Your resolve to continue the process will be strengthened and you will think carefully before bringing new things into your home as well. Once you have completed the process, you can delete the folder of pictures, and thereby rack up another de-cluttering accomplishment. Hopefully, a few of my photos will inspire you to give this a try. Trust me, photos of your own clutter will be even more inspiring.

Here is proof of how serious I am:  The hiking boots in the first picture arrived on a Christmas Eve 25 years ago and concealed an engagement ring in the toe. My love lives on but the boots must go!


I deliver the best stuff to Crossroads Hospice Thrift store


The rest goes to Value Village or Big Brothers. I kept the cat…for now.


This is excess recycling, going to Encorp depot


Newly empty hangers from my closet


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It’s a beautiful day for gardening. It would be especially fine at the cottage, but I am in Port Moody, where I also have a garden wanting attention.

Sun is shining. Cats are almost ready for their early naps.
Urchins are off to school, having left the kitchen in a shambles.

But what to do with this cereal bag holding almost a cup of crumbs? It’s Vector, so has a value just slightly lower than gold dust.

It took me about two minutes to layer up this breakfast parfait of fruit, nonfat yoghurt and vector crumbs but it tastes at least five times better than if I had just dumped it in a bowl. You should take a moment to be good to yourself today too!


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