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Its that time of year again: So much great produce is available that it begins to pile up on one’s kitchen counters.

Someone . . . well, me actually . . . left half a lime on the counter for a few days and suddenly, we were awash with fruit flies. Pesky little things!  Lee Valley sells a spiffy trap, but they are outrageously expensive. 

Here is a trap you can assemble in a few minutes with things found around the home and it is guaranteed to rid your kitchen of fruit flies in about two hours. 

What you need to get started

What you need to get started


An empty two litre plastic pop bottle

Some duct tape


Bait – I had my best success with apple cider vinegar, but a bit of wine or orange juice would also do the trick.


Remove the cap from the pop bottle.

Cut all around the pop bottle, about 1 inch below the tapered top.

Put a tablespoon or two of your selected bait into the bottom half of the decapitated bottle.

Now, turn the top part of the bottle over, and snug it down, spout first, into the bottom half.

Trim up the top edge with scissors if it is raggedy, then use a bit of duct tape to seal the upside down top of the bottle and the bottom together.

Tidy up your kitchen, removing or bagging all other produce and any dirty dishes or other attractants. Wipe down your counters too.  You want the trap to be offering the only meal in town!

Now lay the trap on its side on the counter, taking care to secure it so it doesn’t roll off.

Then walk away. Have a coffee;  run an errand.

You will be amazed at how many fruit flies you catch in just a few hours.   Cheers!

2 hours later - every one of those brown spots is a fruit fly

2 hours later - every one of those brown spots is a fruit fly

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