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This old vanity stool has been hanging around our place for years now – a legacy item from my mother-in-law that didn’t seem to hold much promise. Cottager was able to reach way back in his memory to describe – in detail – the pattern on the fabric that’s under this blue velvet. Yes, this has already been remodeled once. Why not again? 

Could this sad old thing have a place at the cottage?

Finally a vision for where it might go coincided with a few rainy hours to make it happen.  I sanded it down, brushed on a coat of primer and then a second coat using the dregs of a can of Benjamin Moore Tealight Green, used in our closet-to-alcove make-over.  A small remnant of an English floral fabric containing a perfect match for this green completed the update.

Yep, this will be useful.

Since I most often spend just a night or two at the cottage, I generally just live out of an overnight bag left on the floor. From now on, my bag will be up off the floor and much easier to get into when resting on this stool. This re-furbished item can also quickly be moved into the living room to act as a foot rest during winter movie nights.

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Needs some TLCA quick sand before the second coatReady to use, if not finished

I had a very particular bookcase size in mind. I wanted it to be squat-ish. No more than 40 inches tall. 

I got this dirt cheap, probably because it was covered in dirt. But it is solid wood and had a good coat of faux granite finish under the grime, so I just filled roughly 4 dozen upholstery tack holes, gave it a light sanding and then two coats of some old white paint we had lying about. As we like to say in Canada . . . Voila!

If the walls ever change colour (!), it stays white. If the walls stay white, then it is only primed and it will get two more coats of something very bold – french blue or aqua.

While the paint decision drags on, I am happy to have a place for favorite games and books. Now I am more determined than ever to find something colourful to replace the cat quilt . . . and the rug . . .

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