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Its usually just called “Fight Club” weekend, but this year, I was a bit sad that Cottager and his friends would be having ‘guy time’ just when my favourite giant shrub is in bloom – about three weeks late owing to the cold spring. So, to pacify me, the boys weekend was rechristened.

We have been going all out, as we generally do in springtime, to make improvements in advance of the summer rental season. This year, it was new stairs, new gravel for the drive and paths, and a hundred other little things besides.

Cottager pre-fashioned the stairs earlier this month and spent about three hours hauling gravel, half a metre at a time, on Friday morning, so that when his mates showed up they could get right to it.  The arrived on the first ferry, and after bacon and eggs breakfast, they set about giving the cottage a bit more curb appeal.

Here are the before and after photos:

Collapsing stairs and dirt driveway


New stairs – with handrail! – and tidy gravel driveway

Right where those rocks are piled against the shed is where the bears and I hope to soon have an espaliered Italian plum tree – (Mother’s Day hint to my urchins.) 

Doug was a wizard at fixing some problem spots in the deck, and everyone worked together to haul some gravel to the path around the back of the cottage and stabilize a bit of precarious rock wall.  Then they moved on to the beer and barbecue part of the program. Andy took charge of the grill while Doug got the fireplace roaring:

Cooking up a hungry-man dinner


I can’t be sure, since I wasn’t there, but I believe that the rest of the evening was devoted to admiring the Sweet Olive tree.

Thanks guys, for pitching in on this project. You are the best! 

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