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Went out for a walk on the beach in a light mist and saw some things I hadn’t seen before. This tree, of course, has clearly been exactly here for many years but something about the dark turbulent day made it stand out in a way it hadn’t before. Wish I’d had a better camera with me.



And then, along the sea wall in town I found a new public art installation: a line of blackboards and chalk where passersby can record an ever-changing list of single intentions and desires. Here is a link about this lovely idea.



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Just back from a second trip to Toronto and had to head to the Coast for some country air. The Cottager and I have just been relaxing, doing a little raking and wood splitting and catching up on our sleep. Cold and clear so we have had the fireplace going around the clock.The stars last night were amazing!

Today we will catch the 430 ferry back to reality, but first we did some decorating with treasures collected over the past year. This is always challenging since we have more windows than walls but we made good progress.

Sa Boothroyd is a local artist with a gallery on the pier in Gibsons Landing. My sister and brother-in-law gave me this lovely print to mark my Jubilee Year. It’s called Go and Find Some Peace and Quiet and features both an orange cat and a person relaxing in a garden. Perfect!


These hanging candle holders are from Jysk and go on sale around Christmas for something under 4$. We hung two in the kitchen pass-through and a few more in some of the windows.



This print of Molly’s Reach was a gift from friends who borrowed the cottage for a weekend. We found a great spot for it in the kitchen.


While visiting our good friends Dave and Gillian last month, Santa came calling and gave me this gorgeous grater/ cheese slicer. Too cool to hide in a drawer, it now has a special place in the kitchen.


And finally, another Orange kitty now directs visitors to the loo. I found this in Prague this past summer and couldn’t resist.


It’s nice to be back and nice to be blogging. We are planning some kitchen renovations; will construct a sofa table from the side rails of an old bed; add some new baseboard heaters and window blinds; finish staining the deck railings; repair sheds and do some yard improvements. It’s a new year with new ideas and projects so please visit Keats View Cottage again.

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Frugality seems to be a blossoming interest in my home and in those of my friends and neighbours. We are hoping to rent out our cottage on the odd weekend, and for a few weeks over the summer, to help with property taxes and improvements, so this month we are focused on some inexpensive finishing touches to make it both a comfortable and desirable retreat for paying guests.  Window screens and a lockable storage room for our personal effects are the two practical projects that stand out, but let’s not forget ambience. 

I found these 10 inch frosted glass vases at the A&N boutique, marked down to $2.99. The polished stones are from Ikea ($1), as are the large glass ‘Glimma’ tea light sets. Total cost for this pair of decorative candle holders is about $12, including a good supply of large tea lights.

 I like the beach-glass finish of these repurposed vases, their shape – vaguely reminiscent of lighthouses – and the smoothness of the pebbles. They will likely live on the mantle, but could easily be moved to the deck.

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