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A few more photos of festival events in Barcelona during our recent visit:

The first is an exhibition of antique hand powered carnival rides from Antigua and Bermuda. After waiting his turn in line, the kid that got stuck in the rocket ship was not very pleased!

Salsa drum and marching bands are everywhere. My new life goal is to be a part of one. If I wasn’t entirely lacking in rhythm and musical ability, I’d just start one. Hello Gibsons percussionists – Call me!

Live music venues went all through the afternoon and evening. This was a full orchestra performing at Placa Catedral. We also saw African, Indian and lots of Spanish performers.

Gegants, or giants, up to five meters tall spent Saturday night asleep in City Hall. The emerged the next morning, two by two, to dance. They paraded through the city that evening. I have some great film footage that doesn’t want to upload from this iPad. The photo does the dozens of gegants little credit. So you should just plan to go. For all you frugal travelers…all these events free of charge!





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Splashed out on excursion package out to these islands. Beautiful, but a really long day. We did this out of Zadar but later, looking at the map, there were closer jumping off points like Murter island or even here in Trogir. We swam in the amazing lagoon you see below, then hiked up the hill to get these photos before retiring to a tree-shaded Konoba (tavern.)



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That’s what Millie, our GPS, has been saying a lot lately. We knew she wasn’t much of a Croatia expert, but what is maddening is that she doesn’t know it and keeps trying to send us off in the wrong direction.

When we left Rovinj for the ferry port of Brestova we anticipated a short jaunt on a toll road followed by another short jaunt on a secondary road. Didn’t pan out.

Did catch the ferry to Cres though and then had a hair raising journey on crazy roads to the village of Beli – inhabited for 4000 years -and a still more hair-raising trip down a single track 17% grade to camping Bradji on a beautiful cove. It was a bit of a hippie place reminiscent of Kokkari, Samos and some other unknown places I came across in my wild backpacking days. Except for the 2-3 tour boats of day-trippers who arrived each afternoon around 2. Oh, and the “market priced” fresh fish which worked out to 52 euros per kilogram! Still, enjoy the beach in the morning and avoid the seafood and this place was close to paradise.




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