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I set out this summer to redo the exterior paint on the cottage. It was a bit of a challenge finding chunks of time between rental guests when it was also warm and dry enough to get to it.  And then there was the scraping. I estimate I spent 5 hours prepping for every one hour of painting.


the trim was pretty bad too


Prepping before painting

As a result, I got slightly less than half the cottage painted, but gosh it looks nice! And it is the important half – the front half. It was also the hard half, since the front takes all the sun, and there are lots of windows with finicky trim, and posts and whatnot.

IMG_20160927_171943 (1).jpg

So satisfying once it is done

The trim is a BM colour called Mannequin Cream. The cottage itself use to be BM Duxbury Grey, which has a hint of green in it.  I love the colour, but here in the rain forest, paint already has a tendency to take on a green tinge, both reflected and from algae. The driveway shed was a different, slightly mauve grey of unknown origins, and it was this shade that I had colour-matched for the cottage paint. On the advice of a house painter acquaintance, I went with a premium Behr paint from Home Depot

Next summer I should be able to get the job finished. There will be much less prepping, but more ladder work, which I do not love. Meanwhile, I’m fired up to do more painting, and will start with the front hall of my home, which needs an all-over redo.


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Quick catch up: parked outside Salzburg and rode in along the river for cheeseburgers, a walk up to the castle and ride down the funicular railway, then a beer at the Felsenkellar- funky cave bar I remembered fondly from my backpacking days. Rode back to our free parking spot and headed out to Hallein, roughly 15 km south and camped. Lu and I rode around the town that evening until dark. Next day, salt mine tour, Celtic museum in Hallein, first big family dust-up followed by make-up snitzel prepared by a lovely Indian family, then drove two hours to Italian border and camped. Next day, awesome roman ruins at Aquilea, watermelon(see photo), and camping at a huge, weird resort campground at Grado, near Trieste. Yesterday we entered Croatia, toured the old hilltop town of , and then came to Rovinj where we have settled into a beautiful terraced campsite 700 m from the very beautiful town. Wandered for hours last night after stuffing ourselves with mixed grill called Mesna (?) – pork, chicken and beef, fries, ratatouille made with an arborio style rice plus a paprika flavored dipping sauce and piles of sliced sweet onion. Yum.






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Made it. Pretty fuzzy in the head. Especially after a mass or two of beer. Everyone vastly contented after roast chicken dinners at Augustiner garden. Must sleep now and contemplate surroundings tomorrow.


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