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The Cottager is questing on the Camino de Santiago in Spain at the moment and if inclined, you can see what he is up to on his blog where he posts a few lines and some great pictures almost daily.

I spent the better part of a week at the cottage, just catching my breath and bonding with my new friend Farley. He is a rescue from an L.A. shelter and is now permanently on vacation.


The Urchins had a week at home without mom harassing them to clean up after themselves. And the cats were happy just to have a week without the dog, whom they do not consider a particularly good addition. And so for the price of one plane ticket to Spain, 7 winter-weary creatures had a vacation.  Told you I was frugal.

I did get a few things done.  The deck got its last ever coat of stain. Before it is due again we will rebuild and only use an oil product after that. Stain is a hassle.

unstained deck

stained deck

I also did some gardening at a relaxed pace, having decided to limit rentals and keep the cottage principally for my own enjoyment this summer. 

A few good friends came to visit. My parents came too, which was wonderful as the have only come in fall or winter before and hadn’t seen my garden to advantage or walked on the beach.


Besides these pleasant events, the highlight of my vacation was having nine or ten blissful and uninterrupted hours of sleep each night. No doubt Cottager and the Urchins have better highlights.

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Trellis-Style Gate Repair

Trellis-Style Gate Repair

A good friend and neighbour of ours enjoys spending a few days with his son at Keats View during school holidays and they always leave things better than they found them. Over Spring Break they noticed that one of the gates was off kilter and sagging badly. As a result the gate didn’t swing smoothly and it had to be hoisted up in order to secure the bolt. The gate hangs on a post attached to the boundary fence and the sagginess was actually in the fence.

So here is the nice solution they came up with. The fence is now straight and stabilized; the gate hangs straight and swings smoothly and a short extender allows the bolt to work properly.

In addition, I have a new trellis-like structure to support some kind of climbing plant – get me to a nursery!

I plan to stain the gate’s frame and the post and top bar of the trellis brown to match the railings. Add that climbing plant and some spring sunshine and it will look terrific. Thanks guys!

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A very clean cottage.

I was born in July and that event prevented my family from going to my mother’s  family’s cottage on Kootenay Lake that particular year. I sometimes get the sense they all still hold this against me, a few decades on.  While some of us have missed a year here or there because we were travelling or living overseas, the cottage is always occupied by some configuration of my family throughout each summer. We all simply love it there.

Fifteen years ago, my folks built a home on an old campground nearby, and each spring since they have worn themselves out cleaning up the cottage for whichever family is arriving first. It was a great tradition, but times do change, and this year my sister and I made the long drive, through snowy mountain passes and along pot-holed highways, to do a big spring clean up.

We vacuumed the backs of pictures, emptied out drawers, sorted out superfluous towels and bedding and got into almost every nook and cranny. We also did a bit of weeding in my folks’ flower beds.  It was all very satisfying.

Really nice to have a cozy visit with our parents too – without the distractions of our own dear families. For just a few days, we could stop being full-time moms and just be full-time daughters and sisters again.  Already looking forward to next year.

Principal benefits of a cottage on a lake:  Everything.

Principal negative of a cottage on a lake:  It’s too far away*

*may apply only to this particular cottage

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