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There is time, O yes, there is time enough to amuse oneself with aliterations and acronyms. In this case P6 will serve as the yet shorter form for PPPPPP.

More simply, I’m creating a cache of well loved family recipes for my kids (and their cousins if they care to dabble.) Bonus, they are available to me wherever I find myself in years to come.

What will this include: Agne’s Swedish Meatballs, Jean’s Nuts and Bolts, Ginger Sparklers (aka Molasses cookies) and more.

When someone wants a family recipe, I’ll write it down here. Or where possible, snap a picture from my mom’s recipe book and add my preferred changes and comments.


The family recipe, apparently originating with my Aunt Jean. But tweaks are necessary!

These Nuts and Bolts are the first thing I make in preparation for Christmas each year. Since they store well in a cool place, I start looking for cereal on sale in late November and often have these made before December 1st.

As noted, this recipe makes 2 roasting pans full or about 4 full 1 gallon ziplock freezer bags.

The first of two roaster pans.

The main tweak for this recipe is to DOUBLE the Worcestershire sauce to a full one quarter (1/4) cup. I believe this is the magic ingredient that turns your heap of cereal from a salty oily mess (prior to baking) into something more than the sum of its parts. But this is entirely up to you.

I also find that half a box of cheerios is plenty. My personal preference is for more shreddies. And I put in about 1 cup mixed nuts and two cups jumbo salted roasted peanuts. I use one bag of pretzel sticks and one of traditional small pretzels.

Store in a cool place, such as your garage, or you will open the bags each time you see them and snack all day.

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Happy Holidays from the snowbound! Belated best wishes for a joyous Christmas season!  As usual, we are a day or two off the pace. The mountains of snow, while picturesque, haven’t really helped. Nearly all of our plans came a-cropper because of the unusual snowfall.

Christmas Eve church service was cancelled – and along with it went the Chinese feast we’d  planned to share with neighbours afterward.  Instead, we built a bonfire and had toboggan races down our steep road. Great Fun!

Christmas dinner with the whole family was also a non-starter owing to the poor road conditions. Luckily, my parents were in town and have a place in our neighbourhood, so we were able to share a ham dinner with them. 

On Boxing Day, we were meant to be off to the Cottage!  But it snowed all day – again – and we never left home.  By yesterday, the snow had started to melt, but there was so much of it that roads were flooded, and the Sunshine Coast was hit with massive power outages, so we had to throw in the towel.  

Now we are just hoping to get over to the cottage on New Year’s Day, for a couple of nights, and hopefully the power will be on, the roof and decks will have held up and the ancient, leaning-cherry-tree-of-doom (slated for imminent removal) will still be upright behind the house and not actually inside the house. 

Here are a few photos to illustrate my modified adage “When life gives you snow, make sno-cones!”

A Christmas Eve bonfire with our wonderful neighbours

A Christmas Eve bonfire with our wonderful neighbours

A Dickens of a fun Christmas Eve

A Dickens of a fun Christmas Eve

On your mark!

On your mark!

Boxing Day Evening - Still Snowing!

Boxing Day Evening - snowing again!

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