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After a rather long hiatus, I am taking up my countdown of amazing things in Gibsons at #5 – and just in time to tell you about the Salmon Festival.  It happens on Saturday September 11th.  Here is a picture of my textile entry – just finished today.  It’s called Salmon Dreams and is fashioned from bits and pieces of fabric found in my quilting ‘stash.’

My anthropomorphized salmon dreams about the same things we do:  desires, fears, reproductive activities and mortality – the last two being rather closely associated for the salmon. 

My salmon on display at Gift of the Eagle Gallery

Here is a description of the festival that I “lifted” from the BC Travel Guide Events page:

“The Gibsons Landing Salmon Festival takes place in Historic Molly’s Lane. This is a fun event for all ages where artists of all abilities purchase a 4 foot salmon plank, take it home and create a piece of art. The salmon art is then returned to the place of purchase and then all of the salmon are displayed at an artist’s reception on Wednesday September 8th at Gift of the Eagle Gallery, Gibsons Public Art Gallery, The Landing Gallery and Artworks Tours & Framing and the bidding on these pieces of art officially opens on that evening. Then on Saturday September 11th the salmon are hung on display down Molly’s Lane and up around the Persephone and auctioned off in a silent auction format throughout the day. The festival runs from 9am to 6:30pm Saturday September 11th and there is live entertainment all day as well as buskers, children’s theater, salmon burger bbq, beer tent, face painting, children’s t-shirt painting area and much much more!”

The Salmon Festival is only one of several events held in Gibsons throughout the year. The Sea Cavalcade in July is a personal favourite (see # 7 on the countdown) and the Fabric Arts Festival in August is also well worth a visit.

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I love walking into the village along the beach when the tide is out; having evening beach bonfires with my urchins; swimming in the surprisingly warm water in July and August; taking my coffee down in the morning to watch seals cavort or wandering down with a cold beer after an afternoon in the garden. 

These photos are courtesy of my youngest, who is interested in photography – thus the special effects:

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Every year in July the town of Gibsons throws a fun party for all ages known in the local shorthand as Sea Cav.

It’s an ambitious festival for the size of the town. Maybe almost too ambitious, as rumours swirl from time to time that if more sponsors and more volunteers aren’t found it could be cancelled.  Events typically kick off around 5 pm on Friday afternoon and go right through to Sunday evening.  There’s a barbeque, live music, aerial demonstrations by the Fraser Blues Formation team, games, ceremonies, a pageant and fireworks. And that’s just the Friday evening program. On Saturday there is a bike race and a running race, then a parade, a fun fair, and a street dance in the evening. On Sunday there’s a pancake breakfast, a swimming race, loggers sports, a regatta and a party in Dougall Park. So, something for everyone. 

The best of it, in our family’s opinion, are the fireworks, the parade and the street dance, with honourable mention to the aerial demonstrations and boat demolition (aka sea rescue demonstration.) 

The fireworks are great because you can arrive two minutes before they start and still get an unobstructed seat on the seawall.

 The parade is very tongue in cheek, and home spun. If you aren’t in it, you watch it, and vice versa. 

And the street dance has awesome potential. Two years ago, the weather was good but the band was…talented, but ill-suited to the occasion, as they played mostly their original songs. Last year, there was a rocking cover band, but the rain shut the dance down early.  And next year, I won’t be there at all as the cottage is already rented during Sea Cav weekend. My kids are as sad about that as I am, as they like to have their city friends over and run wild.

Be sure to check out Sea Cav if you get the chance. Here’s the link for festival info and includes pictures from last year’ s event: http://www.seacavalcade.ca/

Austin Powers at the Sea Cavalcade parade

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The breakwater boardwalk in Gibsons Landing

The breakwater boardwalk in Gibsons Landing

So, you’ve enjoyed your ferry ride, and grabbed a cone at Mike’s Place. What should you do next?

Take a stroll on the breakwater boardwalk that protects the harbour.  Admire the work and pleasure boats, gaze upon the spectacular Coast mountains, and get a good view of the lower town. The gazebo at the end of the boardwalk provides shelter from the elements and the best view of boats entering and exiting the harbour.

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Awesome flavours, great value.

Awesome flavours, great value.

It occurs to me that when I am blogging about crude plywood shelving, it is time to cast my eye a bit further abroad.

Without further ado, here is the first in a 10 part series about just some of the great things Gibsons has to offer.

We almost never pass up a chance to stop into Mike’s Place in Gibson’s Landing for a cone. We always order the kids cones, which offer a very generous portion, especially if you take my advice and ask to have two flavours. The cost is $1.50, and  I challenge you to find a bigger cone at a comparable price anywhere. 

We consider ourselves gelato experts, having each eaten an average of two cones a day while travelling in Italy a few years back.  Mike’s gelato definitely measures up. The cone on the right is my current favourite:  Caramel Pecan Drumstick on top and Wild & Reckless (vanilla, chocolate and raspberry) underneath. 

Mike’s offers free wifi and also has a Fan Page on Facebook, FYI.  Next time you are in Gibsons, be sure to check it out.

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