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What a flurry of writing! There is a reason of course. I have just waved Cottager off on his flights home and have FOUR hours to burn here at Toulouse airport before my own flight to Prague. Four hours and free wifi and a lot of stuff to catch up on means one achy iPhone index finger and stares of amazement from the Frenchman sitting opposite me.

Why Prague, you ask? Because I’ve never been there and neither has my current work-spouse, AB. So we agreed to meet there today and spend a few days wandering about before she goes off to Russia to visit another colleague of ours who is on assignment there while I go to Paris to visit a former colleague and my previous work-spouse AJ.

Does that make sense?
If you aren’t clear on what a work-spouse is you can get up to speed on-line. Try Wikipedia.

Really have to stop now or will get an RSI. Cottager took the iPad home, you see. More (short) posts from Prague.

Thanks for the great holiday Cottager! Travel safe, my dear.

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Nothing else could account for the mini-dither I embarked upon when I saw it in a local consignment store a little over a week ago.

A second hand chair for the cottage exerts a powerful pull

I wasn’t even looking for a chair at that moment, though somewhere in my subconscious I had come to the conclusion that there was a chair sized space at the cottage that would need filling.

Couldn’t stop thinking about the chair. Then I started negotiating for the chair – which was one of a pair – and the vendor was willing to split them up, offer me a better price, hold it for a few days and take it back if it didn’t suit. Happy Times, right?

Only, all this goodness planted a seed of suspicion and paranoia instead: Maybe the chair was very ugly and I couldn’t see it! Maybe she knew no-one else would ever buy it!

Actually, she was just being really obliging and helpful. This would, I suppose, be a good place to reward her decency and mitigate my paranoia – which however she may not have known about until this moment – with a link to her lovely store: Around My House Consignment in Port Moody, BC.

My obsession continued and I posted a picture of the chair on Facebook and asked my HGTV- addicted friends to offer an opinion. Few cared.

And now the chair is in situ at the cottage and I really do like it. I still cannot explain my affinity except to say that it seems as though my brain has connected it to some otherwise lost memory. I have a karmic connection to a second-hand chair.

Also, it fills the small space quite nicely; offers an elegant-ish counterpoint to the Vilas maple chair beside it; and best of all, the next time we have friends over for an evening, or the Crumpet Club reconvenes, I may not find myself sitting on a folding chair.

And luckily, also fills an awkward space.

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