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For me, September marks the New Year. I no longer have the fun (maybe only in retrospect) of back-to-school shopping for clothes and sheaves of ruled paper for my sons, but still, I never feel more motivated to make meaningful changes than I do in September. This year I have the opportunity to seize on a deep and recurrent desire to really de-clutter my home. And I am on a roll.

I have discovered that taking pictures of stuff I am getting rid of is an excellent reinforcing tool. I initially just took a few pictures with the vague idea of a blog post, but I now plan to continue with both the de-cluttering and the photos.

I encourage everyone to try this: When you need a little motivation to continue with what is, lets face it, a tough chore, you can look back at your folder of pictures of things leaving your living space. You will be astonished and proud of what you have accomplished: Your resolve to continue the process will be strengthened and you will think carefully before bringing new things into your home as well. Once you have completed the process, you can delete the folder of pictures, and thereby rack up another de-cluttering accomplishment. Hopefully, a few of my photos will inspire you to give this a try. Trust me, photos of your own clutter will be even more inspiring.

Here is proof of how serious I am:  The hiking boots in the first picture arrived on a Christmas Eve 25 years ago and concealed an engagement ring in the toe. My love lives on but the boots must go!


I deliver the best stuff to Crossroads Hospice Thrift store


The rest goes to Value Village or Big Brothers. I kept the cat…for now.


This is excess recycling, going to Encorp depot


Newly empty hangers from my closet


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Having a good time at Port Moody Legion’s Club 119

Some new goals emerged from my summer sabbatical:  Simplify, spend time with friends and family, dance more.

In keeping with these goals, I decided to celebrate my birthday by having a small Fur Ball – a party with dancing and benefiting two animal – related organizations whose efforts I appreciate and wanted to support. Keeping it simple meant keeping it local and accepting the offers of friends and neighbours to contribute to the refreshments.

I contacted the local Royal Canadian Legion – #119 Port Moody – and they generously offered me free use of their ‘lounge’ area for the night of my choice.  There was a band playing great covers – Mustang Sally, now baby! – and free use of shuffle board and pool tables.  Cheap drinks; friendly faces – a great retro vibe.

About 3o friends showed up to mingle over drinks and games.  Later in the evening, a bit of dancing broke out.

Thanks to everyone who turned out and for your generous donations.  Cheques are going out tomorrow to Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association and Gibsons Wildlife Rehab Centre.

Our legions are struggling these days, and they deserve our support.  Its a great place to have an easy-to-organize get together with friends.  Better yet, join and/or volunteer. I’m thinking about it.

Simplify, enjoy your friends and family, dance every chance you get.

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Having a little smackerel of wine at Mission Hill

Thanks to everybody who supported our fundraising efforts for this event.

Cottager and I raised just a smidge under $700 for this very worthwhile cause.

We met some very nice and even inspirational people.

The weather was – unfortunately – quite miserable for September in Kelowna.  You really have to feel for the organizers when they put so much into it and the rain won’t quit. 

This is a fun event, and if you are wondering if you could or should do it – well the answer is absolutely! See you there next year in fact!

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My Best Friend Fred has come up with a fun summer contest that you should know about – especially if, like me, you have a few home projects on the go.  Best of all, its in aid of a good cause.

Fred and his team at One Project Closer invite you to send them Before and After photos of a home project completed this spring or summer, along with a description of how you did it. Each Sunday they will post the week’s winning project photos and make a donation in the winner’s name to Habitat for Humanity. At the end of the summer, one Before and After project submission will be selected to receive a 50$ gift card for a home improvement store. Actually, Fred explains it all better here.

Habitat for Humanity is a great organization doing meaningful work in communities where it is most needed. Check Fred’s site for each week’s winner, and think about submitting an entry or making a donation of your own while you’re there. You don’t have to be a blogger or even mildly tech-savvy to do it. Just email your photos to Fred, and if your project is chosen, he’ll do the rest. Good luck!

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