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Blog Role Call

As this is a blog which revolves around our cottage activities, Lisa and I started up a separate one to record our travels.  Included are the reports on some of our long distance walks in Europe.  To check it out…




Over the years I have created some of my own blogs using the Blogspot format…

Building and sailing our first sailboat – Bluster



Building and enjoying our second SCAMP sailboat – Fib



Outdoorsy stuff…




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The Blog is Back!

Lisa started and maintained this blog for many years and it has been a great joy and record for us of this part of our lives.

As can do for any of us, the blog eventually dropped off her radar a few years ago….

Since then many things have happened in our lives. Both of us are now retired, our boys moved out, first to university and are now well into their respective careers.  We sold our suburban home of twenty five years, downsized and moved into a modern city condo in the False Creek neighbourhood of Vancouver.  Our two cats have been rehomed and our pet contingent is now just one rescue terrier named Farley.  But we still have and love our cottage!

Lisa has offered to share the administration of her blog with me so we have resurrected  and renamed it and we will both be posting about our activities there.

Thanks for checking in!







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