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To find the wonderful in Toronto?

Me, who has been here for less than two weeks? OK, lets start with the two things I mentioned: A good pub and some decent Indian food.

I found the pub just across the street. It’s the Irish Embassy. Handsome and friendly barkeeps – including at least one with an authentic Irish accent – have made me very welcome there. It doesn’t meet my “pint for less than 7$” criteria, but in every other way it is splendid. I had some of the best chicken fingers ever there, and they happily brought me a bowl of curry sauce for my fries when I saw it was paired with another menu item. There is a sister-pub called PJ O’Briens just around the corner, and they have live music on the weekend, so I will check it out then. Meanwhile, here is a picture of my chicken strips, and another of the pub itself.



As for the Indian, I noted four Indian joints in a row on Queen Street at University, which is not far at all. TripAdvisor was my friend here, singling out two of them for good reviews. I chose one of these, Little India, and was not disappointed. The daily special was a $19.95 menu that started with a vegetable samosa, added four other dishes, including THE BEST butter chicken I have ever had, and finished with a warm sweet. I was too excited/hungry to take a picture but here is a shot of just the leftovers from my meal, which I polished off last night. Great value. Good location. Criticisms would be that the vegetable dish was craaazzzy hot (as in spicy) and they burn an incense which – to me anyway – is incompatible with a restaurant. Just too smelly, but I am sensitive.


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That’s where I am and must stay – for work – until the middle of the month. Bad time to be away from home – and cottage! – but what can you do? Work has been a focus recently, hence a dearth of blog posts. But I hope to have some cottage stuff to talk about in the New Year, so don’t cut me out of your life just yet.

Meanwhile, we must work with what we have, and so I am looking for wonderful things about Toronto. Perhaps you know of some. Good Indian food?; a friendly pub where a pint doesn’t cost $7? Do share!

Here is the first great thing that struck me on arrival…the Christmas lights. This is one of my favourite things about Christmas, and this town does it up right. A few photos to illustrate: The lovely tree is one of several outside my hotel. The reindeer are roughly 10 metres high.




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