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To celebrate 20 years of marriage the Cottager and I have abandoned our responsibilities for a little time away together. We burnt all of our Aeroplan miles for a couple business class seats, found a car rental deal and decided to start out with a house rental that would allow us maximum relaxation – a quiet village in the South of France with lots to see nearby. Our house is called Maison Petite Grand It is petite and it is on Grand rue in Colombiers – population….not very much at all.

We are about 20 km from the Med, and a block from the Canal du Midi, an extraordinary feat of engineering from the 17th century, designed to move goods by water but ultimately superseded by railways.

Now it’s a haven for pleasure boaters. The citizens of Colombiers were perspicacious enough, sometime in the 1980s, to dredge a turning basin which makes it a popular spot for boaters to chow down and stock up. Away from the Newport, and some modern developments popping up nearby, the original village is still a very sleepy and charming town.

Our cottage is really a townhouse from the 1880s. It has no garden, unfortunately but the location is great, the beds are comfortable and the price was right. We feel right at home.

Can’t seem to label these photos so here they are in order:

Our village house behind blue double doors
Our breakfast room
The turning basin at the Newport
The emblem of the town





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