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Summer weather has finally arrived and I am ebullient! Cottager, the Urchins (Yes, both!) and I are enjoying the family cottage – long known as ‘The Camp’ so easily distinguishable from Keats View – near Balfour on Kootenay Lake.

This year the lake level is crazy high, so it is a bit like living on a houseboat – the lake is right outside my bedroom window, which is charming since it is now, finally, receding and worries for the structure itself are passed. The pump has been inundated and ruined, so we have no water – well not running water anyway. Lots of lapping water nearby.

I have been kayaking around the flooded trees, imagining that I am in a Louisiana bayou. Each tree has been gashed by loose battering logs. Sand Pipers are three deep on every available morsel of beach. Amazing bits of driftwood arrive daily.

Here is picture of The Camp during a very very high water, circa 1963. My grandparents exited on a plank out the back window in the middle of the night.

The Camp kitchen is a challenge to work in even when there is water, so we are exploiting this situation by having most dinners with my folks, a short walk away.  Thus we grow fat and happy!

Sam and I ferried across to Kootenay Bay yesterday, cycled to Pilot Bay Provincial Park and then hiked to the Lighthouse. Less energetic today.

At the top of the Pilot Bay Lighthouse, 12 July 2012

And now for some pleasant updates: I had a call from Gibsons Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre on Wednesday, to say that Stella was ready to return to the wild. As I won’t be there for a few days yet, I encouraged them to release her without delay. I am sorry not to witness her return, but they assure me she is immediately recognizable as her legs and feet remain very pale. I hope she comes to call on my return. I have stocked up on peanuts.

The Conductor of the Legion of Flying Monkeys Horn Orchestra has extended an invitation to me for December’s Clown Parade!  Something to look forward to when the days are short and merriment essential.  I am already thinking about a costume.  Do you suppose they will allow me to play my cast iron Ranch-style triangle? I intend to work on my biceps and keep my fingers crossed.

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