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Hi There!  Happy New Year!

This month marks the 4th Anniversary of my first post. A good time to rethink or retool.

It’s been a terrific four years of making improvements at Keats View Cottage, and along the way we’ve made good friends and great memories.  We’ve even started to make a bit of money through summer rentals, which is icing on the cake.  That damn quilt, by the way, still isn’t done.

We’ve answered some important questions: Is the Gibsons area where we’d like to spend at least part of our retirement years?  Yes, and I think we will start to shift operations over that way within the next five years or so.  

Do we need a bigger/grander place?  No, simple really is better — though the lightly insulated walls and single pane windows of the cottage may be a little too spartan for a place where we hope to live at least 50% per cent of the time, year round. 

We sometimes take a long walk around nearby Hopkins Landing, wondering if a future home isn’t waiting quietly for us in that neighbourhood. We also sometimes talk of rebuilding on the Keats View property, but I feel overwhelmed when I try to think of what would be involved:  Instant decision fatigue.   

And then there is this blog.  160 plus posts and just shy of 50,000 visits over these four years. It remains a treasured record of our efforts and achievements, and a repository of photos, recipes and ideas, both good and questionable.  

But now that most of what we planned to do is done, it is increasingly rare that something blog-worthy comes along. I don’t think anyone really cares to know that I am busy cutting back the bamboo again . . . and, like every year, contemplating bambooicide.  Having done our best to acentuate the place’s natural charms and make it comfortable, we reach a place of diminishing returns for big, interesting projects.

The urchins are near grown now and they talk of coming to the cottage more than they actually do, as their school work, social lives and hobbies  increasing engage them.  So we are in a transitional time. We can’t drag them along, and we can’t really leave them for more than an occasional night, so our cottage time is somewhat limited at the moment. When we do get there, we try to do less, enjoy more. 

If everything goes to plan – and it may very well not – I will spend the month of June at Keats View, on a self-funded sabbatical to work on a personal project.  It is a very happy thought. I love the long days of June, and would be very happy to spend an hour or two a day working in the garden, instead of 10 hours over one weekend.  

Meanwhile, I plan to reduce my blog posts to about one per month.  Rather than scratching my head to come up with some fresh content or feeling guilty about great gaps between posts, I’m making it official.  When there is something worth writing about, I’ll write.  Check back in early February for my annual special Valentines Day recipe  – The Food of Love – It is a recipe worth having, I assure you. 

I encourage you to click the “follow” button.  That way, you will be alerted when I do post, and won’t have to waste time checking back. Since my posts will be so infrequent, you need not fear being inundated with alerts!  

Thanks for sharing our adventure.  And please stop by again.

Looking forward to spring at the cottage

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