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Officially it ended last week. But the weekend was pretty warm, even when it started to bucket rain yesterday.

Now; however, the jig is clearly up: cooler, drizzlier and greyer. My thoughts turn to boots whether I will it or not. Stew is on the stove, muffins are in the oven and the cats have crashed. Need more evidence?

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That Cottager is so cool!  Three years ago he picked up this old leaded window at a salvage yard.  This week he installed it in our small-and-a-bit-dim cottage bedroom. Quel Surprise!   Looks great.  Our bed-in-a-closet will never give off that vibe again.  Light on two sides (and good air transfer) makes a big difference.  And the window is beautiful.   Best of all, he did it without telling me, so I didn’t have to have kittens about cutting a big hole in our wall….. 
We did the finishing touches (fill, paint, clean up the mess) together on Sunday, then cooked some tenderloin steaks and opened a bottle of sparkling wine to celebrate our 19th wedding anniversary the next day. 
The light in my life and this story doesn’t come from the window. 
Happy Anniversary Honey!   
What did I get him?  A kitten! 
reputtying old glass panes
Framed in


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This post is likely to attract attention similar to “Tree in Bondage” and, once again, is likely to disappoint.

I was stripping furniture.  This season’s rentals resulted in some water damage on two old pieces of furniture. This cool old side table that doubles as a small bookcase was a pretty easy fix:  Just sanded the table top down with a palm sander –

Then I flooded the table surface with walnut-coloured stain, waited 30 minutes and wiped it off. Applied a second generous amount and left it for 15 minutes. 

And finally, I applied a few coats of Briewax, a mix of beeswax with linseed oil and natural turpentine. I polished the table with a soft cloth after each application of the wax, resulting in a fine – and hopefully protective –  finish.

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Finally – waterfront!

We have our catboat-yawl in the marina for the week. A nice place to hang out on these dwindling summer evenings with a bottle of ‘Fink’





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