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Incontrovertible evidence that anyone can garden

My interest in gardening at the cottage has carried over to our home in the ‘burbs. I never did get around to fulfilling the rather rigid requirements of the official ‘Square Foot Garden’ concept, but – next best thing – I planted a large container garden with just a few of each of my favourite vegetables to see which I have the most success with.  Will it astound you to know that the courgette is far and away my most robust success? It won’t be long before I am sneaking around the neighbourhood at night, abandoning zucchini on all my friends’ front porches.  Well, maybe not, since I only grew one plant.  But it’s a go-er. 

I also have lots of lettuce, a sufficiency of radishes, a paltry few carrots, ‘two feeds’ worth of beets, productive spinach, a bashful green pepper, peas (8), bush beans (2) and some really gratifying potatoes.  I’m hooked. I’m a farmer!  Tonight I had a lovely salad of mixed lettuce and spinach, red grapes and toasted almonds.  I did not, I confess, produce the grapes or the almonds, but I predict I’ll be hundred-miling it before I am done.

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