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Shrubby bamboo in need of a good trimming

Last year I spent the better part of an afternoon ‘grooming’ my bamboo. This year I went ninja on it and it was done in an hour. As I did it, I came to realize that there are some very good reasons to get this job done early in the season:

1.  Birds love to nest in bamboo. Thin it out before they start to build, or you may lose your opportunity – or their goodwill.

2.  Spiders also love bamboo, but they aren’t too active or plentiful  just yet. I only came across one, and that was enough.

3.   Giving your bamboo a hard trim will reduce over all maintenance. Bamboo sheds leaves all year ’round. By reducing the thatch by 50- 75%, you reduce the amount of on-going clean up.  Target the most disheveled leaf clusters.

4.  The exposed stems of the bamboo are the prettiest part. Shrubby bamboo looks unkempt. 

5.  Once the foliage is thinned out, the wind can move easily in and around the canes. The motion of the leaves, the shadows they cast and the soft rustling sound are all more pleasing.

Mid-way through the job

And with the job all done.

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