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Spring is a great time for tidying up and today I undertook the task of cleaning out my blogroll. Some of the blogs I used to follow haven’t posted in months.  I understand completely and yet …Farewell!

Others have become so commercial or cluttered that I am instantly overwhelmed with ads, contests, lists, and text boxes of all kinds and I can’t find – or at least distinguish- the actual ‘content’. Au revoir!

I granted clemency to a few and will take them to a review at the end of six months.

Meanwhile, I’m looking for new blogs to follow. If you are a regular reader (thanks, by the way) you know my interests.  Chances are pretty good that we share some.  Please suggest your favourite sources of inspiration. 

If you aren’t a regular reader, your opinion is still most valuable.

So, in brief, I am increasingly interested in gardening, and I’m starting a Square-Foot Garden at my city home. 

I am interested in quilting, and particularly, in creating original pictures with fabric (as opposed to more traditional pattern quilts.)

I’m interested in writing, cycling, travel, good books and cottage decorating and style.  And if there is a blog out there that doesn’t address any of these topics, but you still feel is particularly worth a look, I’d love to hear about it.   Cheers!

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