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We were lucky with the weather this long weekend.  After the whirl of Christmas festivities, we had two days off – at the same time!  And while the blue skies of Christmas Day didn’t last through the 27th, the weather was just fine for scrabbling about in the garden. My urchins and I arrived at the cottage on Sunday afternoon at 2 and by 2:30 I was out raking up leaves and tidying the stairs and pathways.  Two hours went by in a flash and suddenly it was dark and the fire in the grate and the cider in the fridge were calling me to come in out of the cold. No, wait, that was my children…hungry, of course.   

Winter Garden

Next morning, Cottager arrived early and on foot after working ’til midnight and getting just a few hours sleep. I walked down the road to meet him.  Very romantic, wot?  

After a big breakfast and a bit more sleep, he spent a few hours with me, tearing vegetation out of the earth:  Brambles, Holly, Blackberry, Oregon Grape . . . all of our enemies came with their weapons drawn. 

My Favourite Cottager

I baked a dogpatch ham and my folks came for lunch and a look about. They hadn’t been over to the coast since shortly after we bought the cottage two years ago.  We had a nice visit, but they had to leave too soon. 

Lunch at Keats View

Next day, after walking into the village for an early coffee date, I was right back in the garden.  It is just so appealing, when much of the vegetation has died back, to really see what you’ve got and what has to be done. I attacked the English Ivy that is trying to obscure the larger rocks and stumps that make the garden visually interesting. When I was done, there was yet another large load of stuff to haul off to the green waste. 

Saddle up for the Green Waste depot

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Taking a break from the “10 Best” Countdown to enhance your suspense and fill you in on some of the small projects underway at the cottage.

Cottager and his ‘Fight Club’ cronies ( that is, his board-game playing buddies) whipped together a great little roof to go over the walkway to the backdoor, where entirely too much rain was hitting the siding. It is clear to allow maximum light. It needs a few coats of paint and some guttering, but is otherwise fairly complete. We’ve also installed new blinds in both bedrooms, changed the main light fixture in the kitchen, replaced a few bits of gutter, filled some cracks, and done some winterizing .

Mostly though, we are gathering our resources for some big spring projects:  The front fence will get a complete rebuild, the remaining gutters will be replaced and the driveway, garden paths and the area around the back door will be re-gravelled. It will be a lot of work and I can hardly wait to get at it!  C’mon spring!

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