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Greetings Gentle Readers

So sorry to have been silent so long. I have been having a long-ish holiday away from work, and the cottage and the computer. It has been very pleasant!  We took the Urchins to San Francisco, camping all along the way. Then we spent two weeks at the family cottage on Kootenay Lake.  Back to the city for just four days and we took ourselves off to Keats View Cottage for the weekend to enjoy the annual Sea Cavalcade festival in Gibsons.

Keats View was rented nearly all of the time we were away, and it all went swimmingly. Our guests treated the place gently, and we sincerely hope they had a nice time and will return next year. They certainly couldn’t complain about the weather!

The garden was rather shockingly overgrown after 5 weeks of neglect, but we whipped it into shape pretty quickly.  Then we spent the rest of the weekend swimming in the sea, enjoying the fireworks and Fraser Blues aerial demonstration team, flipping burgers for the Urchins and three of their friends, and dancing in the street in a ferocious electrical storm.  Sadly, the rain picked up to the point that the band had to quit or risk damage to their equipment.  Still, it was a very memorable night:  Once a year, even if it kills him, Cottager will have a dance or two. 

So, I’m re-invigorated and full of ideas. I’m finally going to give out my Mom’s guacamole recipe – no more false promises!

I also have an excellent recipe for an impressive looking and great tasting ice cream-based dessert that has 4 ingredients, feeds a crowd and can be assembled in about 10 minutes. Its a very kid-friendly recipe, so you can even turn the job over to your own urchins with some confidence.

Then I’ll tell you of our plans for an outdoor shower, new fencing and other projects we are planning to embark upon at the cottage once the summer is over. Oh yes, and I’ll tell you all about the fabulous yurts in Oregon State parks – a cottage for $30 a night!

So check back soon!

Cottager, Wife and Urchins in the Oregon Dunes

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