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This past weekend we finally got to the bottom of The List. Yep.

The bottom. Of The List.

The List that we set for ourselves of things to finish before the rental season started. As of now, nothing (well, nothing major) shall be added to any New List until the fall. When we are fortunate enough to find ourselves at the cottage this summer, it will be for bonfires and gelato runs and no-holds barred Farkle matches.

Lu at work

Getting to the bottom of The List was more problematic than we expected. There were setbacks.

But this weekend we prevailed, thanks to our Super Urchins.

Little Urchin (Lu) took on the job of adding pickets to an unsafe railing around our back deck / tent platform.

He worked hard in the hot sun. The result is a deck that is miles safer for little guests, and actually looks better too.





 Safe deck

 Meanwhile, Big Urchin (Bu) got up on the roof. We passed him a blower to see if that would remove some of the gunk on the shingles. But like so many jobs in life, there was no easy way to do it. In the end, it took a broom and a lot of effort to get the roof looking good. 

I still can’t get over it!  It was a long, hard job on a very hot day. He did not quit. He did not cut corners. He even put on a shirt when advised to do so. Could this really be true? 

These are the tears of a woman who may have just had a glimpse of the light at the end of at least one tunnel. 

And it was good.

Bu at workDoing it the hard way

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