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Here is a preview of our new home office space.  This is not at the cottage, but at our town home near Vancouver.

We have a large irregularly-shaped loft area, measuring roughly 18 x 10,  at the top of our stairs that has been a bit of a swing-space for storing-whatever-was-in-the-way-of-whatever-we-happened-to-be-working-on.  When the kids were small we had a couch here for reading. Then it became a computer and craft and toy area, but being at one of the main intersections in the house, it didn’t offer a lot of peace and privacy. 

Our kids are growing up fast but the space they seem to take up in the house has become entirely out of proportion to their sizes. Our hotel-style bedroom make-over gave us a nice new retreat, but we still needed a private work space.  Cottager had to talk me into walling up a part of our loft space  because I had concerns about the loss of light that would result.  But we managed to largely overcome that problem by choosing a french door and installing some glass block.  We are probably still two weekends away from having all of the finishing done, but here are a few photos of the early stages of the job: Framing and drywalling. Starting with a view of one side of the original loft space.


The framed office…


And with the drywall up…


This weekend Cottager is installing laminate flooring leftover from our downstairs reno and I am painting moldings and the french door. Tune in near the end of the month for the big reveal!

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Coming from me, these words may make you roar with laughter.

I’m the one who has been agonizing over colour choices for the main room of our cottage  for what?…a year now?

And because we still weren’t quite ready to do that paint job (March, I think) I could afford the luxury of mulling it over from time to time.

But over the holiday break, Cottager started a kamikaze-style project – at our city home – to summon a home office out of …nothing really. It has been a bit of a ride, watching the walls go up, choking on drywall and filler dust, the agony of glass brick and mortar installation  – all I could do was stand back and watch, offer signficant constructive criticism, and trust his vision.

This weekend we hit the paint stage. I grabbed my holster of benjamin moore colours, sorted 30 or so strips out of the horde, and quickly decided which one was my favourite. Then I showed them to Cottager, asked him to pick out his favourites, and when his finger landed on the one I’d chosen, we had a winner:  Nantucket Grey (which is actually quite green, fyi.)

Got it, used it. Love it.  It was just that simple. 

I’ve resolved not to give the cottage paint any more thought. Cottager and I have agreed, in principal, on how we would like it to look. When the day arrives that we are really ready to paint, we’ll do the same thing:  Pick 20 or 30 possibilities out of our holster of swatches, narrow it down to two we like, then leap into action.  It is only paint, right? 

Tune in towards the end of the month for before and after pictures of the home  office Cottager magic’d out of thin air. We still have flooring and molding to do, but it already looks terrific.

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The snow piled up so quickly at the cottage last weekend that we had to go out and disencumber the trees and shrubberies. Cottager’s part was to stay up on the deck and periodically re-activate the motion lights (yeah, by moving.)  My part was to wade through more than two feet of snow, in intermittent darkness, teasing and jostling crusty piles of heavy snow from the canopies of the shrubs. Unfortunately, my tree-in-bondage will probably require more ropes and cords to bring it upright again. Cottager was so helpful. He even took these pictures!



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We finally caught a break between storms and got away to the cottage for a few nights. When we arrived it was sunny and gorgeous…


But by the next day, it looked like this again!  O Well. We were happy to chillax inside with books, movies, games and snacks.


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