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It’s a rainy, rainy weekend, but we are not cast down. We visited in the neighbourhood on Friday, took the kids out for New York style pizza and a marvellous theatre production on Saturday and went for a lovely bike ride in a downpour today. 

The kids have school tomorrow and then Tuesday off for Remembrance Day. Cottager and I are heading out to Keats View by the earliest ferry to do some heroic hedge-trimming and indoor gap-filling. Unrelenting rain is forecast. 

This causes me to think back to the Thanksgiving weekend in October when the weather was gorgeous. We packed a deluxe picnic of turkey sandwiches and hiked into the Skookumchuk Narrows, where a very long inlet funnels the sea into standing waves at peak tide.  While there we saw a sea lion cavorting in the current and an angelic seal pup continously circled a back-eddy along the shore, locking eyes with us on each pass, possibly hoping (in vain) to pry a treat from us.

Cavorting Sea Lion

Cavorting Sea Lion

It’s a wonderful spot, and well worth visiting should you ever find yourself on the Sunshine Coast. Be sure to consult a tide table to determine the best times for viewing the rapids.

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